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A Dream is a Weapon

On these sands stood an army
that chose to defy
Architects of pure hatred
and mass genocide
Who built a system of slaughter
Fuelled by the lies
Designed by agents of chaos
who vowed to deny

The rise of a nation
Our cultural preservation
Our fundamental liberties
Denied by legislation
One moment in time
to re-write the wrongs of history
A moment in life to rise
and define our destinies

So as clusters of fire
Reigned from above,
Drowning the soils of the promise land
With our bones and our blood
Against an army of demons
These martyrs laid down their lives
A generation of sacrifice
Restored our will to survive

And from the depths of political solitude
We fought for life, our right to exist
Unceasing waves of warriors
With hands on hearts who dared to resist
These hawks perched on temple trees
Conspiring under broad day light
But under the cover of darkness
The tigers prowled
Waiting to strike

And as we withstood the conquests
Live, loved and lost through the conflict
A coalition united
To rip our souls from this island
These so called global authorities
Ensured the rise of autocracy
Via petroleum diplomacy
Stockpiled a full-scale atrocity

But this dream is a weapon, a vision that rages inside us
A place where faith and existence merge and spread like a virus
So from the ashes of memories let embers light up and spark
The brimstones of promise that fuel this fire in our hearts

Beneath these shadows of dark days
Let’s bring hope to the enslaved
Intellectual prophets
Armed with courage and knowledge
A generation of warriors
Of poets, doctors and lawyers
Devise new movements for justice and shift
This revolution forward

All rights reserved (c) 2014, Myuran Elango, Spark Flame Fire

iron fence post

eye in I

If the sun was a lightbulb
and the earth a dust flake floating through the dark
Waiting for light to find its surface
And bring with it life to fill it with purpose
Then who lit the flame that sparked those fireflies
dancing in silence like diamonds in the sky?

What if
all of this
All that once was
Will be
And is
Came alive
In a blink of an eye
As I sneezed out
Space and time?

What if I were god?
And this?
The culmination of all that exists
Every permutation,
every possible risk?

Endless reflections
Trapped in my mind
Moulded in shadows
And pining for light

All rights reserved (c) 2014-2015, Myuran Elango

iron fence post

Free my hands

A sweat drenched black cloth covers my eyes
Hands bound, gagged tied now I’m waiting to die
On my heart lies an X, bullets rip through my chest
A volley of shots, my body falls to a rest

Vivid memories from a lifetime ago
Meander through my mind like waves
Searching for a shore
We were young, and ignorant
Callous and blind
So with the devil I conspired

No human is born corrupt
We just stop believing in who we are
In a moment of madness I found
Inner demons to worship and crown

Full-blown, agents of chaos
Trade life for power and payoff
Cashed in broken souls we had stolen
And countless veins we tore open

All rights reserved (c) 2015, Myuran Elango, Spark Flame Fire

iron fence post


Caught within the shadows of contemplation
Betrayed by the movements of your reflection
Instincts, reactions grown from a seed
Sowed by vices commanding deceit

This body, like reflex
Detached from thought
Inner demons now personified
Virtues implode
Morals out the window
Inhibitions exhausted
Your demons come alive

But what If you could find
A Way to leave behind
The scars, these memories
And fill the void inside
Escape this world
Or learn to fly
Cast your doubts aside and redefine

Your purpose in this place
This time and space
A mission in life
To learn to create
A message delivered through the power of prose
That would cure this virus through words alone

If you could grasp the physics
And its fundamental laws
You’d simply bend gravity
And create a wormhole
Go back in time
Try and restore
Self-notions of greatness
And ease this remorse

Or why not try
Invoke the passion of Christ?
And flood the divine
With your sins and your lies
Feign redemption and testify
To a savior we once crucified

What will it take to make you accept your fate?
How long will you let remorse hold you in place?
Why would you let broken dreams connive?
And detract from the fact that you somehow survived?

When will you learn the law of this land?
Where consequence shapes the path of a man
And who will you frame, point your finger and blame
When nothing remains but regret and disdain

All rights reserved (c) 2014-2015, Myuran Elango

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